Restoring nature

As a global leader in sustainability and social purpose, we’re bringing the full power of our connected technology solutions and what we’ve learned from decarbonizing our own operations, to help others embrace more environmentally sustainable practices.
Landscape view of forests and water.

We just celebrated planting our millionth tree and we’re not stopping there

Starting in 2023, we will be reporting on our impact across the various projects that we and our customers support.




Compares to 103 football fields.



Compares to planting 9,921 studio apartments full of trees.




Compares to removing 26,040 cars from the road for one year.



Provided 2,138 work days to local workers.

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Restoration locations

A map with the United States and Africa with pins on Hotham Sound Canada and Mbuguni Kenya
Water and trees off the coast of Hotham Sound.

Hotham Sound

Trees Ordered


Forest Type


This project aims to create a mixed use restoration and commercial kelp forest where local Indigenous groups will benefit from restored fisheries, ecosystem services, and kelp harvesting.
Mangrove forest in Kenya at low tide.


Trees Ordered


Forest Type


Located on the Likoni river delta, this mangrove forest helps stabilize and protect the landscape from erosion and creates valuable nurseries in a unique ecosystem.

Restoration methods and initiatives that will help us reach our goal

Ocean and marine ecosystem management

Restoring and protecting ocean and marine ecosystems through seaforestation (kelp planting), the reduction of plastic pollution, and supporting aquatic species protection.
Habitat enhancement
Restoring and protecting ecosystems through actions such as wildlife habitat recovery, habitat connectivity improvement‌ and biodiversity conservation.

Green land cover restoration

Restoring forest ecosystems through reforestation and afforestation, and engaging in ecosystem-based management for other vegetated areas such as wetlands and grasslands.

Biodiversity monitoring

Developing infrastructure and technology to support native biodiversity, monitor restoration progress‌ and consolidate data for action.

Working with nature, powered by technology

We are working on innovating with technology, including 5G capabilities, to advance our goal and enhance the benefits provided by restoration activities. Leveraging our partnerships and technology expertise, we explore how new and emerging technologies can support nature-based solutions and connect people to nature.

Following best-in class guidelines

In working towards our goal, we will be following established restoration frameworks developed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the World Resources Institute (WRI). 

Grounded in transparency and accountability, for each of our projects we work with key partners to define project needs, collect relevant data, monitor progress regularly and report findings openly.

An aerial view of a beach with trees in the background

Our partners

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